SaaS pre-launch checklist

Think about building your product as it would be a Hollywood movie. It would help if you had a promotion way before you sell the first ticket. Build engagement and excitement, and it will boost your sales.

Functional Requirements Documentation Template

It is not a trivial task to describe a completely new project. With all the notes and thoughts, you may feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I am introducing a template that will help you define your project.

Market Research Report Template

How should the report of the conducted market research look? How to structure the information in a way that is easily readable yet keeping their importance at the right place?

Ideal client - template

Regardless you plan to start a new blog, create a brand strategy, build a new SaaS, understanding your audience is a key to success.

Budget Forecast Tool

Because of a lack of simple tools for bootstrapped startups, I’ve created a simple tool based on spreadsheets. It covers the forecast for the next five years.

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