SaaS Project - Live case-study

Here you can find a complete list of all articles and resources about launching a SaaS project. New entries will appear progressively, as the progress on this example project moves forward.

Product pre-launch phase

Before you reach the product launch stage, there are a lot of activities in a pre-launch phase of your product life cycle.

How to define your Saas Project? Smart tools and approaches.

When you're defining a new set of features, it isn't easy to imagine how these would work. It requires creativity, and it’s more challenging as it might be at first glance.

Market Research Repost - an ultimate guide for your business

Having Market Research in one, final piece of paper, makes me feel more confident, that "okay, it makes sense". Having such a report in one piece of paper gives a better feeling and understanding of what's going on.

How much you can earn on your SaaS in five years? Numbers revealed.

Budget forecast helps to understand how much money and in what time the product will make.

How much money do you need to launch an online business?

You may have this impression that if you have $5000 then you have the right budget. The truth is that it's not that cheap and it's not that easy.

Market Research challenges. Real life obstacles.

I'm facing the problem with getting survey responses. After about two weeks, I have only a few responses, which is not enough to make any decisions.

Understand the market. Step by step market research activities

The final result of research should be a detailed report that will answer all of the questions. It's essential to make it thorough. It should serve not only now, at the point of deciding whether to create a product, but it will be helpful when looking for an investor.

How to avoid online business failure? Market research essentials.

The starting point of each project is to know whether there is a market for such a product. Market research is not a holy grail, and once you make it, it does not mean that you are going to succeed no matter what. But it increases your chances significantly.

Reasons why online businesses fail. The Importance of Market Research.

Currently, the market is stuffed with products and services, and customers are spending more time filtering offers. This situation makes us, founders, approach the market another way. We work on an idea that we think the market needs and then, we try to justify it is true, that this is something that would sell.

Project idea. Principles checklist.

What could help me in my work, make my life more comfortable, and make me more productive? It could be a tool that would help me to create these estimates conventionally, something that would allow me to easily share these estimates with my clients and keep track of the previous estimates that I've made.

Shaping an online business idea. Principles which you should hold on to

People are always trying to create something new, something big, a new Instagram, something that will change the world. The truth is that there are people out there who are earning billions of dollars by solving unsexy problems.

Lifetime tips to consider before you start an online business

Limited budget, loneliness in decision making and working over the weekends. Learn what else to you should prepare to when starting a new online business.

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