Market Research challenges. Real life obstacles.

I'm facing the problem with getting survey responses. After about two weeks, I have only a few responses, which is not enough to make any decisions.

In a previous entry, I've explained what and how I'm going to approach and make the Market Research for my tool that will aid the estimation process in IT projects. It turned out that I've faced problems where I expected them.


So those of you who have subscribed to my newsletter already know what problems I am facing. Those of you who didn't subscribe to my newsletter yet, I highly recommend subscribing, so you will get more insights, and learn more details about what I'm doing.

A quick brief about the Market Research progress. I'm facing the problem with getting survey responses. I've created avatars, and I'm trying to reach these people that match my avatars' profiles. I've reached over 50 people already. I've reached out to them on LinkedIn mainly. I've asked them to fill in the survey to help me understand the estimation process in general. After about two weeks, I have only a few responses, which is not enough to make any decisions. I cannot learn what problems and what challenges these people to have because it's not enough data.

Updated approach

What I'm going to do is that I'm going to make something that will motivate these people to fill in the survey. I'm working now on valuable and meaningful content for these people. Something that they will use daily, maybe they will extend their knowledge. I'll try to approach them again and ask them to fill in the survey, and as a bonus, for being grateful, I will share with them that content. Of course, I will try to advertise this content first to make them excited about what they could gain.

This is my plan for the next two weeks. In the meantime, I will cover budget topics here on Founders Kitchen Sink.

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