Founders Kitchen Sink is a project that shows a live case scenario on creating an online business. An idea of SaaS is being introduced at the beginning of the experiment. In the following weeks, the host will explain and show how to implement the plan, how to market it, and how to launch the project in a lean startup way.


Founders Kitchen Sink Host

My name is Piotr Poźniak, but you can call me Peter Pozniak (like famous Steve Wozniak but with P). Over 6 years ago, my team and I were working on Remo project - a tool to remotely control mobile devices. During two years of hard work, we've managed to create an MVP of the product and even push it far more than we've expected. Once we've finished, our platform had more features we've designed initially, yet we've failed to market it. Some of you may relate to this story. We've been lucky to fall on our feet- it quickly turned out that there are people out there who are looking for a dedicated team that can deliver a tailor-made software. We have decided to make a pivot. After all, we've reached a happy end, however, a different one we've been dreaming about. Not all startups which failed are that lucky like we've been.

For the last four years, we've managed to create products for our clients who are founders of startups. We've seen success and downfall stories from which we have learned do's and don'ts in running the businesses. After a time we've launched our SaaS as joint-venture with our former client. It has a 16% trial-to-paid ratio, where modern, well run online businesses are close to 15%.

I've decided to launch the next SaaS in a different way than ever before. I am going to share everything I do, making everything transparent so you can watch the progress and experience the challenges, problems, my approach and solutions I am going to make. I will be an experiment where I can either succeed or fail. Still, I think the knowledge I am going to share will be something that will bring value and help you to avoid mistakes or solve problems faster.

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