A live case study on bootstrapping Software-as-a-Service platform.

9 out of 10 of startups fail¹

The start of a new project can make you feel high and a lot of excitement. Social media feeds us with the news of successful and independent people, paints a dream-life we should pursue. There is a pressure that we should do something in our life. Then this idea lights up in our head, "eureka" combined with "Let's do it" attitude, and we jump into a project that is about to change our life. But the confrontation with reality can be painful.

Most of the startups fail. That's the fact.

Ideas are easy

Making a dream come true requires more than the concept and affirmation. Being successful is nothing else than working hard, stepping out of the comfort zone, spending money and taking the risk. A lot of it. Only a few can stand such an unwelcome environment. Running an online business, it's not only about having fun, but it's about taking the knowledge and resources and converting these into a running enterprise.

Following this experiment, you will

  • Learn what you need to be prepared for when starting an online business,
  • See how an actual Software as a Service platform creation process can look like and what you should have in mind when making one,
  • Check what budget is required and on what money will you would need to spend and possibly earn,
  • Experience wins and failures of running an online business from the third-person perspective,
  • Have an impact on the actual project implementation.




Every product may have an infinite number of launches. It will be the first one, prepared for the primary target group. This is not the end of the project life cycle but the beginning of a new business that is operating.

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